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We extend the life of things for new generations to love.

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MaxSold brings a treasure trove of unique items to your fingertips through our online auctions. We give items a second life, focussing on sustainability and minimizing waste, by bringing the time-honoured tradition of live auction bidding online.

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MaxSold clears contents quickly, solving a long-standing problem for people trying to move, declutter or clear an estate. We are the trusted partner of experts in the move management, organization and real estate fields, as well as antiquarians and auctioneers, helping them to sell a large quantity of items quickly--we can do it in fourteen days!

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MaxSold connects countless individual sellers and selling partners to hundreds of thousands of registered bidders and potentially interested buyers through targeted digital marketing. Solving the problem of stuff, giving items a second life, means connecting people who want those items, with those who want to get rid of them. MaxSold is in the middle, forging the connection.

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MaxSold works

MaxSold connects sellers to an existing pool of interested bidders and buyers. We market the auction to new potential buyers on digital platforms and generate interest among local bidders through our newsletters and social channels. MaxSold works because it is the best solution for people and businesses looking to sell a large volume of stuff quickly. There really is no other way to do it while getting market value for your items. The old way was to pay out of pocket for a dumpster to haul everything away fast. The new way is to MaxSold and give items a second life, while delighting local buyers with unique, interesting goods they can use.

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